Workshop: Settling financial and shareholder disputes

Lawyers – learn how to maximise your clients’ position.

It goes without saying that settling shareholder disputes saves money, time, stress and reputational damage.  But one aspect often overlooked during negotiations that can dramatically impact the ‘take home’ amount are the tax implications.

If the deal isn’t structured correctly from a tax perspective, you could potentially lose as much as you stand to gain for your client.

For the last three years our forensic and tax teams have run workshops for lawyers. The workshops focus on developing an understanding of key valuation principles and considering how tax can impact settlement negotiations. Our workshops are run by Kate Hart and Linda Warner, Roffe Swayne partners who are both regularly involved in settling financial disputes.

Some of the questions to consider include how deferred consideration can impact the tax payable by the recipient. Whilst this may be a practical and commercial solution to address cash flow issues presented by the settlement it could end up increasing your client’s tax liability by up to 280%.

The workshops are interactive sessions using case studies to highlight and discuss these and other key issues surrounding the settlement of financial disputes from both commercial and tax perspectivesves.

Dates for our next workshops:

  • 14 June in Godalming
  • 28 June in London

Topics to be covered:

  • Valuation principles
  • Extracting value from the assets
  • Income and capital taxes
  • Tax reliefs

These workshops are especially relevant for solicitors, mediators and barristers operating within commercial or employment law.  But they will also be relevant to those practising in family law. CPD hours: 1.5 hours.

Find out more about our workshops in June

Please contact or call 01483 416232 for more information and to register your place.