Workplace pension reenrolment

Has it been three years since your staging date or three years since your last reenrolment date?

If you have reached your three year anniversary then employers have a duty to automatically reenrol any employees back into the company pension scheme if they have previously opted out of the scheme more than 12 months prior at the agreed reenrolment date.

Assess your staff

Once you have assessed your employees you will need to inform The Pensions Regulator. This must be done regardless of whether you have employees to reenrol back into your scheme or not. You must complete a re-declaration of compliance to inform The Pensions Regulator how you have met your duties. Please note that reenrolment and re-declaration are your legal duties and if you don’t act you could be fined.

Workplace pension reenrolment – what you must do

Our checklist for re-enrolling your employees:

  • Check your original staging date to see when your three year anniversary will be. You may have received correspondence directly from The Pensions Regulator but it is always best to have a diary note of this.
  • If the company has moved address or there has been a change with the most senior person at the company then you will need to inform The Pensions Regulator (TPR) of this information. If your reenrolment date is more than two months away, you can give the TPR a call to update their records. If your reenrolment date is within this period, you can update the information when you submit your re-declaration of compliance.
pension reenrolment checklist
  • Once you have reached your reenrolment date, you need to assess your employees and reenrol any eligible employees back into the workplace pension scheme along with any employees who are due to be automatically enrolled for the first time.
  • Send letters to all your employees who have been re-enrolled and enrolled, informing them they are now members of your pension scheme.
  • Complete and submit your re-declaration of compliance to The Pensions Regulator in a timely manner and file your acknowledgement.
  • Make a diary note for your next automatic reenrolment window in three years’ time.
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