How do you value a country?

Trump's plan to buy Greenland

Trump has managed to grab the headlines once more with a slightly outrageous plan of buying Greenland. A transaction is always much smoother when there is a willing buyer and willing seller help smooth negotiations – Denmark have wholeheartedly rejected the notion of selling the territory.

This, however, has posed the question of how does one value a country? While there are many different methodologies and valuation techniques one might apply in reaching a value, the key factor is what is it worth to the owner and what is its future value to the potential acquirer?

It is not so dissimilar when acquiring a company. If you are intending on approaching a company or equally if your company has been approached it is important to have an understanding of the valuation expectations of the other side to ensure that these are close.

There are many elements of a business that a potential acquirer would attribute value to, but primarily the acquirer’s focus will be on the business’ future potential going forward. A professional valuation can assist acquirers and vendors gain an independent understanding of the value of their business to ensure that they are paying or receiving a fair price for it.


RS Corporate Finance perform valuations for multiple purposes including transactional, tax, and financial report. Our team are experienced in M&A so can add additional insight into the key value drivers and reducers of a business.

We have recently undertaken valuations for a number of different sectors including: entertainment and ticketing business, various technology business – including proptech and SaaS businesses – and engineering/property businesses. The purpose/aim of these valuations have been equally varied with our reports being used for the issue of EMI share options, inheritance tax planning/settlement, re-structuring and valuing businesses ahead of an MBO.

If you are interested in valuation services, our team would be delighted to discuss this further with you.

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