Nick Beesley ATT Trainee

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When did you join?

I joined in September 2015.

What is working in professional services like?

It has challenged me to develop my interpersonal and managerial skills; on top of the academic knowledge I have acquired by studying for my ATT, and now CTA, exams. Until recently I had been working on Personal, trust, and corporate tax clients throughout the year. As a result of the variety in client-type, workload, and co-workers I am confident in my ability to adapt to life in a fast paced environment and interact with clients at all manner of seniority.

Why Roffe Swayne?

Coming fresh out of University, it can be difficult for a graduate to know what to look for in a firm. It was clear from how people interacted with each other during my interviews at Roffe Swayne that it was a healthy working culture and one where my superiors can appreciate me as an individual and not solely on my technical expertise or ability to take a profit. As a small ‘plus’ there’s also ‘the shed’ with table tennis, snooker, and table football to enjoy at lunch.

How have you found it?

I am close to hitting my third year at Roffe Swayne and, looking back, I can see a steady improvement in my skillset during my time here. This is largely due to fresh and new challenges available to me as I progressed. They take care to ensure my development is focused and relevant.

And the people?

There is a great mix of individuals and interests here so I never feel short of people to chat to. When I joined I was regrettably unfit (thanks to the famously unhealthy student lifestyle!) Many people here are quite sporty, which was a tremendous help to get me involved in running and back into swimming.

What has been your best moment?

I am torn between finding out I had passed my ATT exams or beating my personal best in the Standard Chartered City Race. Both were great rewards for the time I had spent pouring over books or running in the woods.

And the worst?

In the tax department ‘January is coming’ can feel like a constant refrain. My first January certainly felt like a brutal slog! I was still in the process of learning the ropes, but the whole team came together and supported one another to make sure nobody was left adrift in a sea of tax returns. This was offset by the satisfaction of finishing on the 31st and heading off for post-January for team drinks to celebrate a job well done.

And your plans for the future?

Following successful completion of my ATT qualification, I have been studying and taking my CTA exams, so my immediate goal is certainly to pass these! I have decided to specialise in Corporation Tax. My focus is now on enhancing my technical knowledge in this area. I continue to take on more responsibilities and get involved with training new starters, and managing increasingly complex clients.

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