Sadia Arif – ACA trainee

Read about Sadia's training experience at Roffe Swayne to date

When did you join?

I joined in April 2017.

What is working in professional services like?

Having undertaken a degree in Mathematics, working in audit and accounts was a natural career choice for me, one which has proven to be an excellent choice. I have always had an interest in how businesses operate. Thus working in the audit department has allowed me to pursue this interest and gain a vast exposure to the different sectors of industry which has broadened my knowledge extensively.

Why Roffe Swayne?

I came across Roffe Swayne on the ICAEW website and was immediately interested. Due to the size of the firm I was certain I would be trained to the highest standards. I applied for the ACA audit trainee position and after completing my interview and having been shown around the office, I almost knew instantly that this company would be the perfect fit for me. During the interview stage, I had the opportunity to speak with current ACA trainees and from this it was apparent that Roffe Swayne provides a great support network to their trainees.

How have you found it?

I’m thoroughly enjoying my role within the audit department. The whole team has helped me progress and have provided me with much support along the way. I have had exposure to a variety of different clients including large companies, LLPs, trusts and unincorporated entities. The experiences I have gained from working with these different clients has been invaluable. I am looking forward to completing the rest of my training with the firm and am excited about furthering my experiences.

And the people?

One of the best things about training at Roffe Swayne is having a very close-knit relationship with colleagues, especially as everyone is based under one roof. As a trainee, it is imperative that you understand the work that you are carrying out, and senior members of the team are instrumental in achieving this as they really take the time to provide explanations and advice whenever I have any queries or issues.

And your biggest challenge?

One of the challenging aspects of my role within Roffe Swayne is trying to balance working alongside studying for exams. However, over time and with experience I have developed my management and organisational skills to strike the perfect balance between working, studying and participating in extra-curricular activities. In addition to this, the team at Roffe Swayne have been indispensable in providing the support to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Sadia Arif

What has been your best moment?

My best moment has been representing the firm at careers fairs at various Universities. I greatly enjoyed participating in these events. It allowed me to talk to students from various backgrounds and from different courses. I have also enjoyed participating at various sporting activities and socials organised by the firm throughout the year. This helps me to develop my networking and interaction skills.

And your plans for the future?

My short-term goals are to pass my ACA exams and complete my training contract to become an ACA qualified accountant.

For more information

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