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Victoria qualified in 2014 having trained at a mid-tier accountancy firm in London. Post qualifying, Victoria moved to a boutique forensic accountancy firm where she was involved in a number of dispute resolution engagements, including assisting the expert in international arbitrations, quantifying damages in litigation, and advising on audit negligence and accounting issues.

Victoria continues to assist on forensic matters, including, quantification of loss of profits and business valuations in the context of both matrimonial and shareholder disputes.

Victoria has experience working with private clients and companies (including state owned companies) across a wide range of industries, including, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, IT and telecoms and financial services.  Victoria has specifically assisted the expert with:

  • The valuation of a Turkish oil storage terminal following a dispute between its joint venture owners over contractual exit payments.
  • The review of an investigation into a multi-billion-dollar fraud in Saudi Arabia and the preparation of accounting expert witness evidence in an arbitration between a bank and its insurers following a claim under the bank’s forged instruments insurance.
  • An ad-hoc arbitration acting for a major international oil and gas company in a claim for loss and damages as a result of a breach of contract in the Middle East.
  • The quantification of the damages resulting from alleged audit negligence of a sub-prime loan lending business, now in liquidation. It was alleged that the auditors did not adequately audit the loan provisions which later resulted in the company being liquidated.
  • A UK litigation dispute between various contractor parties over defective flooring in a warehouse and production facility used by the claimants for packing and storing wine. This case involved over thirty experts, and although it went to trial at the Commercial Court in London the case soon settled.
  • In providing accounting and financial assistance to an oil and gas company in an expert determination over the consideration due under a SPA.
  • An expert determination of the value of option shares pursuant to a put option agreement. Our scope was to determine the adjustments required under a sub-clause to the agreement.
  • An appointment by a UK government department in High Court proceedings defending a damages claim made by a number of different claimants who allegedly lost significant profits due to a proposed change in government policy on renewable energy.
  • A LCIA arbitration between two parties involving a dispute over the alleged breach of covenants in a loan agreement that was to be provided to fund an oil storage project in Africa.

A HKIAC arbitration between two parties involving a dispute over the alleged breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation of an SPA.  Our role was to perform a business valuation for the target company, a fast food chain in Hong Kong.

Outside of work Victoria enjoys running, swimming and spinning and once a month can be found helping out at a pop-up community café.

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