Jessie King

Jessie King joined Roffe Swayne as an ACA trainee and qualified in 2015 when she then moved to our forensic accounting team, following a secondment with the team in 2014.

Jessie works on a variety of forensic cases, including preparing calculations and reports for commercial, personal injury and matrimonial cases, working alongside clients and their advisers.

Jessie regularly assists with matrimonial disputes, undertaking Form E analysis and business valuations carried out as both single joint expert and expert for a party to assess the value of interests held in limited companies and groups.

Other assignments include; expert determinations, concluding on the value of contested items within completion accounts, quantifying loss of profits, reporting on the nature of share transfers and valuations thereof and quantifying loss of earnings for self-employed individuals.

Work highlights

  • Assisting with the settlement on a number of contested items within the completion accounts of a manufacturing company. Jessie was required to interpret the conditions of the share purchase agreements and assess conflicting information provided by the parties.
  • Assisting with the expert determination of the loss of profits and cost of replacing items in respect of an insurance claim following water damage to the portfolio of work of a graphic designer. Jessie’s involvement included identifying the extent to which external factors impacted the loss suffered and researching the cost of replacing items.
  • Assisting with advising the defendant on the values of a claim and counter claim brought by/against a former director with share options in a cosmetic procedures practice following the director’s removal and breaches of a non-compete agreement. Jessie’s involvement included calculating the profits that could have been generated by the director for the company and the impact that these profits would have had on the overall value of the company.
  • Assisting with the single joint expert report of Kate Hart valuing the husband’s interest in a group of companies involved in the manufacture of playground equipment. The valuation was made more complex by ongoing warranty claims in respect of a faulty line of products and the introduction of a significant competitor to the market.
  • Assisting with the quantification of the value of an employee fraud in a software company. The employee was situated in Europe and falsely claiming and double claiming business expenses.

Outside of work, Jessie enjoys travelling, cycling and skiing.

Jessie King

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