Tax year-end planning

Make the most of your reliefs and allowances before the tax year-ends

There are many different tax reliefs and allowances to take advantage of throughout the tax year. As this tax year-end approaches, our checklist offers some ideas on the core opportunities you should consider.


A good pension should be a core part of your financial planning. If you’ve not made provision for this year then this should certainly be looked at.

Download our Tax Strategies PDF to see some tips to maximise pension tax relief and avoid unwanted tax costs.

Investment schemes

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and VCT schemes remain a tried and tested way of wealth planning. However they have different benefits and usually come with a degree of higher risk, so are not suitable for everyone.

Download our Tax Strategies PDF to see some investment tips to consider.


Whilst tax costs of property investment assets have increased, property can be a sensible investment if considered as part of your wider planning.

Property as an investment can have challenges, download our Tax Strategies PDF for an update on tax relating to property.

tax strategies 2020 cover

For those running their own businesses, balancing business and personal tax strategies are equally important.

Download our Tax Strategies PDF to see some considerations to maximise your net return.

Inheritance tax liability

This is also a good opportunity to look at a bit further ahead. Regular planning can help to mitigate that final inheritance tax liability.

Download our Tax Strategies PDF to find out more.

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