Summary following our webinar on business growth opportunities

In case you missed it, you can watch our recent webinar, hosted by RS Corporate Finance, on the link below

Find out how businesses can utilise private equity opportunities to help grow their business. As we emerge from these uncertain times, our thoughts turn to the future and what it means for businesses to not only survive but also thrive in a post COVID world.

You can catch up with the business growth opportunities webinar on the link below.

A huge thank you to our panellists David Barbour (FPE Capital), Roshan Puri (YFM Equity Partners) and Zahir Kasmani (BGF) for sharing their perspectives on the market and the investment climate at our webinar.

Key takeaways from the webinar
  • The capital environment remains strong driving the appetite for transactions
  • Quality of the management team/successor management teams remain key to investment decisions
  • Investments focused on driving growth, step changes in the business and helping business owners to realise part or all of their investment in their businesses. Taking ‘cash off the table’ is possible if supported by a defendable rationale
  • The environment for funding conversations remains strong, with technology helping PE investors speak to more businesses. This has resulted in transactions have been progressed that may have been otherwise overlooked
  • Investors are taking a pragmatic approach to the impact of COVID-19 and valuations.
  • Transacting with PE investors does not have to mean a total sale and relinquishment of control. Minority stake transactions are interesting to PE investors
  • Equity investors are taking positions to support businesses that have short term cash needs where there is a robust underlying business. Debt is not the only answer
  • The most successful transactions for PE investors tend to be those where management teams have specialist corporate finance advice
Business growth opportunities for you

If you are thinking about realising part or all of your interest in your business or are looking for growth capital, please do contact Anu Tayal who would be delighted to talk you through the process and explore all the options available to you.

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