Share Valuation

Roffe Swayne has real depth of expertise in providing a share valuation for business.

We value 50-100 businesses each year and have an impressive track record of agreeing our valuations with HMRC and other stakeholders. It is rare for our valuations to be disputed.

Where are our share valuations used?

We prepare valuations for a wide range of purposes:

  • Transactions – to assist in the decision making surrounding disposals, acquisitions, mergers and fund raising exercises
  • EMI and other Share Incentive arrangements – to agree a value with HMRC
  • Disputes – advisory, expert witness and expert determination appointments
  • Divorce – review of valuations prepared by one party’s accountants, single joint expert appointments
  • Incorporation – valuing goodwill on business incorporation
  • Intangible assets/intellectual property – as required by FRS102/IFRS3
  • Probate – to agree value with HMRC
  • Other share transactions – confirming the value of shares acquired, disposed of or gifted for capital gains and employment related security purposes

Depending on your individual requirements we can prepare a report to fit your needs. Our reports can range from a limited scope desktop review to a full expert witness valuation report.

For many clients, our services include detailed negotiations on value with HMRC or other parties to the dispute as necessary.

Need our help?

For more information about our share valuation service, please contact Kate Hart→ or Chris Brazier→ on 01483 416232.