Mediation is a cost and time efficient form of ADR which allows the parties in a dispute to retain control over the outcome.

RS Forensic assists clients going through the mediation process. We assist with quantifying losses and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both parties’ claims from a financial perspective. This helps to identify the range of potential settlement.

In addition, Kate Hart is an ADR Group Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator. Kate acts as sole and joint mediator and has a pragmatic, user friendly style.

As mediator, Kate assists parties in reaching a practical settlement, retaining her impartiality while obtaining a deep understanding of the matters at hand and the positions of the respective parties.

As a forensic accountant, Kate approaches the mediation process with a commercial focus and is able to:

  • understand the intricacies of the financial aspects of a dispute;
  • explain complex calculations and accounting principles in a clear and concise manner; and
  • quickly understand the financial implications of new arguments.

Kate’s experience and skills ensure that the parties are on a level playing field when it comes to understanding, a factor which helps lead to a swift settlement which the parties can be confident in.

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Typically instructed to provide independent and objective expert witness and advisory services in relation to matters involving owner-managed SME businesses.

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