It is common for one or both parties to bring business assets into a relationship. Upon divorce or separation, the liquidity of such assets will be assessed to determine whether they can be used to provide:

  • a cash lump sum for settlement purposes; or
  • a regular income to one or both parties going forward

RS Forensic assists in divorce proceedings by assessing the liquidity of the business assets held by the parties. We can recommend ways of extracting any identified surplus cash or assets  from a business and the associated tax implications of doing so. In doing so, we take account of the expected future financial needs of the business.

Where business assets are to be retained by one of the parties as an income generating vehicle, we assess the future maintainable income that can be expected from the assets. This helps to determine the future income of the parties in the situation where an ongoing maintenance order is the most viable means of achieving a financial settlement.

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Typically instructed to provide independent and objective expert witness and advisory services in relation to matters involving owner-managed SME businesses.

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