As part of the divorce or separation process each party is required to prepare a Form E disclosing details of their financial position to the other party. Reviewing the Form E disclosure can be daunting, especially when the information is unclear, ambiguous or overly complex.

We review Form E disclosures for accuracy and completeness, particularly in respect of the valuation of any business assets. We also assist in drafting questionnaires in order to obtain further supporting information with a view to gaining a fuller understanding of the disclosing party’s financial position.

Typically Form E disclosures will include earnings from a business and should disclose a valuation of any business assets owned (e.g. shares in a company, share of a partnership or unincorporated business). The value of a business is often a significant asset to the divorcing parties yet we have seen many Form E disclosures which ascribe a £nil value to an established profitable business.

We are highly experienced in business valuations. We review the information disclosed with Form E in order to assess the reasonableness of the stated business valuation. Where insufficient information has been disclosed in support of a business valuation, or there are discrepancies in the Form E disclosure, we identify additional questions to be asked and further information to be requested from the other party.

Forensic accounting team

Typically instructed to provide independent and objective expert witness and advisory services in relation to matters involving owner-managed SME businesses.

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Forensic cases

Valuation of husband’s interest in haulage company

Appointed by the wife to raise questions on the single joint expert report commenting on the valuation of the husband's interest in a company providing road haulage services. Also instructed to prepare a draft valuation report for the purposes of making a Daniels and Walker application.

Review funds extracted

Appointed by the wife to advise on the value of funds her husband had extracted from their companies over a period of three years. As a result of this review we were also able to present evidence indicating potentially undisclosed bank and credit card accounts.

Comments on financial disclosure

Appointed by the wife in divorce proceedings to comment on the financial disclosure of the husband in respect of his interests in three companies involved in the trading of commodities. The financial disclosure was very limited in respect of two of the companies whilst that in respect of the third supported a lower valuation than was being attributed by the husband.

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