When one of the parties is a business owner, an independent and up to date business valuation is often required to achieve a fair financial settlement.

SJE or shadow expert

We are experts in business valuations, valuing on average 5-6 businesses per month. We are usually instructed to act as single joint expert to undertake business valuations on behalf of  both parties. We are also regularly instructed as shadow expert to provide indicative valuations or review and challenge the SJE’s business valuation.

We undertake business valuations across a wide range of industry sectors and have experience of valuing single entities, groups of companies, partnerships, franchises and unincorporated businesses.

Our approach

Business valuation is heavily based on experience combined with the use of fundamental valuation methodologies. We speak to the business owners and/or key management to understand the key drivers behind the performance of the business. We work closely with the RS Corporate Finance team who are actively involved in buying and selling businesses to ensure that our business valuations are commercial rather than simply theoretical.

Other advisory

Where a business valuation has been included within Form E disclosures we can assist by reviewing the valuation and advising on questions to ask as well as any additional information required to understand the basis of the business valuation and underlying assumptions.

Where the parties are involved in a collaborative process or mediation we participate in face to face meetings as necessary to facilitate information sharing and understanding of the value of the business assets.

We also undertake business valuations for the purpose of negotiating pre- and post- nuptial agreements.

Forensic accounting team

Typically instructed to provide independent and objective expert witness and advisory services in relation to matters involving owner-managed SME businesses.

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