Our Forensic accounting team led by Kate Hart has a wealth of experience advising both corporate and personal clients in a wide range of disputes from commercial matters to family law and personal injury claims.

We work closely with our clients (both claimants, defendants and as single joint expert) and their advisers to provide clear and concise advice, calculations and expert witness reports. Our expert witness reports are clear, concise, robust and stand up to scrutiny by the courts.

It is beneficial for our Forensic accounting team to be involved in disputes as early as possible to enable us to assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of a claim, bring a financial perspective to case preparation and claim formulation and provide a robust quantification of losses. Understanding the financial aspect of a case at an early stage often helps achieve an early settlement, resulting in lower overall fees associated with the dispute.

Expert evidence is prepared in a format suitable for the proceedings underway and we have experience of giving evidence in court and arbitration hearings. We can also assist in mediations, expert determinations, employment and land tribunal cases.

Our Corporate finance and Tax advisory teams can also provide tailored advice where necessary.

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