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At the core of much of our work there is usually a robust, tested, integrated financial model. Much else – a valuation for instance – or the willingness of funders to provide capital, rests on this. Financial models are useful for a number of purposes including:
  • Selling or buying a business, including considering the future value of future payments as part of the deal structure
  • Raising capital, including appropriate timing and impact of various routes (debt v equity)
  • Internal reporting and cashflow management, including setting realistic financial targets and business objectives
  • Valuations
  • Dispute resolution

An independently prepared, quality assured model, produced in the right format to meet the requirements of the likely users can save you a huge amount of time and money, and help maintain confidence and momentum in a deal process, making sure the “numbers” stand up to scrutiny.

Our highly experienced staff have built fully integrated (profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow) financial models for a wide variety of businesses across geographies.

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