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When acquiring or investing in a business, really understanding the target and being able to make informed investment decisions is key to a good outcome. It is better to understand the risks and opportunities before buying than having to deal with these post acquisition.

As expert accountants in Surrey we advise hundreds of businesses. Key members of our team have worked in many industries including international businesses – we have a huge amount of experience based upon real, hands on roles.

We will work with you to undertake detailed financial and tax due diligence. Examples of areas we look at include:

  • Identify opportunities and risks in a transaction
  • Review the appropriateness (and hence risk) of key accounting policies – is revenue recognition conservative or aggressive for instance
  • How good is the business at generating cash
  • What is the working capital requirement (and how can it be improved)
  • Are there any contingent liabilities (hidden exposures)
  • Are tax policies appropriate, have they been compliant and what exposures are there

By integrating our financial specialists into your team you are more likely to get a better outcome. As part of our due diligence services we can assist with reporting to funders adding credence to external providers of finance.

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