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Valuing a business for sale or purchase might seem obvious, but business and share valuations are needed for many different reasons.

We take a bespoke approach to each valuation engagement ensuring that we fully appreciate the needs of our client to enable our work, output and costs to be tailored accordingly. Our commitment to every client is that we will take the time required to gain a detailed understanding of the business or asset in question as well as any other external factors affecting value – only then can we guarantee the most accurate possible valuation.

We have carried out many hundreds of valuations (of whole businesses, minority stakes, goodwill and other intangible assets) and are highly experienced in dealing with HMRC and other stakeholders – our opinions carry weight and are rarely disputed.

Examples of the types of valuation we are typically asked to perform include:

  • Valuing a target business ahead of an acquisition
  • Valuating a business in the lead up to or as part of a sales process
  • Valuations for financial reporting (including the valuation of intangible assets under FRS 102 and IFRS 3)
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Valuing shares ahead of the grant of EMI share option scheme establishment
  • Probate valuations
  • Valuations for shareholder disputes
  • Valuations for matrimonial cases
  • Expert valuations required under the terms of the Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement, Sale and Purchase Agreement or other legal documents

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