Roffe Swayne tackle the Santander Crawlathlon 2019

Read Imogen’s tales from our recent charity fundraising event

The Santander Crawlathlon 2019, a charity sporting event, took place on Thursday 3rd October. A team of nine, including myself took part from Roffe Swayne and travelled to Crawley to compete, to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society UK.

Santander Crawlathlon 2019 team

After a team briefing with the other competing firms, we set off to our chosen sports areas (either cycling, swimming or running), to get ready to start at 11am. I was in the cycling team with Andy and Dipesh. The cycling consisted of each team trying to cycle 45km in the quickest time – easier said than done! Luckily there were three of us, so we could split the cycling up between us – but it certainly felt like we had each the cycled 45km!

Whilst we were cycling, our two swimmers had to complete 1.9km in the quickest time. They managed to absolutely nail it in just 35 minutes and 18 seconds between them, giving Alex enough time to go and help out the runners!

Santander Crawlathon 2019 cycling

Finally, our four runners had to run 21.2km. With British summer coming to end, the weather was less than desirable to stand outside and spectate, but the runners had no problem warming up as they collectively completed 53 laps of the outside track.

Our overall combined time for all three sports was 3 hours, 47 minutes and 57 seconds – only 30 seconds behind Santander and leaving us in 11th place – we won’t mention out of how many teams!

The Santander Crawlathon was a great event, and a good excuse to be out of the office and supporting each other, representing Roffe Swayne and raising money for such an amazing cause. Hopefully we will be back next year to beat our time (and maybe some of the other teams!)

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