Sage hints and tips: search wild cards

Our tips on how to use Sage 50 Accounting software more effectively, this month search wild cards.

Most Sage 50 users will be familiar with the ‘search’ function in each of the core modules, renamed as ‘Filter’ in version 2015. But how many of you use the search wild cards?

Here are our favourite search wild cards:

Asterisk (*)

An asterisk is commonly used as a general search wild card:

Searching customers > Where > Registered Address Line 5 > Is equal to > GU* will find all addresses in the Guildford area

Searching customers > Where > Account Name > Is equal to > *School will find all accounts with “School” in the name.

Dollar sign ($)

The $ are wild cards used to indicate specific text:

Searching transactions > Where > Details > Equal > $deleted will return all deleted transactions

Searching transactions > Where > Details > Equal > $ent will return transactions for rent, payment, etc.

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