Sage hints and tips: reporting password

sage hints and tipsData security is always a topical issue. This month we explain how to set up a reporting password.

As a result of our ever increasing use and dependency on electronic data sharing do we know how secure that data is? For some time now Sage 50 has had functionality to assist, including a reporting password in customer and supplier record defaults. A unique password can be agreed with each customer, or supplier, and then used to generate secure PDF reports to share with them.

Edit customer / supplier record

  • select the defaults tab
  • enter the password you want to use – this can be between six and thirty one characters
  • then set up security options for the document in Report Designer

Enter PDF security settings

  • Open Sage 50 report designer
  • open a report (or document) you want to secure
  • in the properties pane, select security options, then select the finder button
  • change the security option to ‘encrypt the PDF with a password defined by an expression’
  • use the expression finder button to browse to Sales ledger (or Purchase ledger) > Reporting password (double click on variable to place in expression editor box)
  • when you save the report you will need to give it a new name

Tip: make sure you note which folder the new file was saved in (default for reports is usually My….Reports in the relevant module)

If you have any questions regarding Sage 50, please contact Andrew Bagley→ on 01483 416232.

Post by Andrew Bagley