Roffe Swayne to Welcome Robots to its Growing Team

Sounds like a headline suitable for the year 3018 doesn't it? But the use of artificial intelligence in the accounting industry could be sooner than you think...

Innovate UK is sponsored by the UK government to support and enable innovation for business growth. They connect businesses to the right partners, customers and investors helping to turn ideas into commercially successful products and services.

Innovate UK, has recently launched a funding competition promising to invest £12million in innovation projects to support the application of AI and data technologies in the accountancy, insurance and legal services sectors.

This competition is part of the Next Generation Services Challenge, a joined-up national innovation program supporting projects from applied research through to feasibility studies and experimental development. The aim of the funding is to speed up the responsible adoption of AI and data technologies and solutions to transform the sectors.

This is just one of a number of grant opportunities provided by Innovate UK, advancing on the £1.5 billion they have already invested in projects since 2007. If you obtain grant funding from government-run organisations you may be subject to obtaining a specialist independent audit before you receive the grant funding.

How we can help you

We have an experienced specialist team due to working with a variety of businesses having been successful obtaining grant funding. We will guide you through the audit process and also assist you with the administration process of your grant claim. Please get in touch if you would like more information; maybe one day you will be put through to the appropriate robot…

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