Lessons from the top on how to grow your business

Advice from business owners and leaders on how to grow your business.

As part of our Growth Insight Programme for our clients, we asked successful business owners to share with us some of the secrets of their success. Looking to grow your business? Learn how local entepreneurs have achieved their business ambitions.


Be bold – and think big

Richard Dendle, MD of Britannic Technologies is aiming for £20million within five years.  How will he do it ?

During the financial crisis in 2008 Britannic Technologies were forward thinking – investing in data centres; “We had no customers for them but I absolutely knew that’s where the market was going, that companies would need the technology” he said.

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Kate Lester, MD at Diamond Logistics, encourages SMEs to scale if they can “It’s far harder running a small business. Scaling is not as frightening as you think it is going to be, and your skill sets are better than you think they are.”

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There’s no I in team

All agree that their business is wholly dependent on their teams. Malcolm Brock, MD of Brovanture enthuses about his team; “Our people are all ambitious and our job is to keep them that way, ensuring they retain an appetite for what they are doing.”

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