Kate Hart discusses shareholder dispute challenges

We are regularly involved in shareholder disputes and these provide many interesting and unique challenges for the forensic accountant

Shareholder dispute challenges

Our team are regularly involved in shareholder disputes. They certainly provide many interesting and unique challenges for the forensic accountant.  In this short series of videos I discuss some of these challenges and how we typically address them.


Whilst shareholder disputes can be incredibly acrimonious they frequently settle at mediation.  Of the six shareholder dispute mediations in which we have been involved in the past 12 months, five settled on the day. The sixth dispute settled in principle but, following our tax advice on the terms of the agreement, it became apparent that the offer did not provide a solution acceptable to our client.

Having just trained as a mediator I can fully appreciate why the flexibility of this dispute resolution mechanism lends itself to shareholder disputes. My experience involved a whole range of solutions being identified from the company buying back the shares of the minority shareholder to property and vehicles being transferred and debts being assigned.

Guide to Forensic Accounting

The guide to forensic accounting is available for professionals and post graduates. Kate Hart our forensic accounting expert has written two chapters in this book. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking to gain even more knowledge or to expand their specialist knowledge.

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