Helping tech start-ups at SetSquared

Summary of our recent webinar

Roffe Swayne have a long track record of helping tech start-ups and early stage companies hosted by SetSquared, a business incubator based at the University of Surrey.

Services provided include some really important basics – such as payroll or advice on bookkeeping, as well as  specialised engagements such as grant audits and advice on disposals.

However, the wider Roffe Swayne team also devote a significant amount of time supporting other non-client SetSquared members, hosting regular drop-in clinics which provide a sounding board on anything from strategic matters through to more technical aspects of accounting and tax.

Recently the valuations team at Roffe Swayne – led by Chris Brazier, Chris Brazier Corporate Finance Director  and Jessie King, Forensic Manager – hosted an online webinar, sponsored by SetSquared and focused on the valuation of early stage and growth businesses.

The session covered a wide range of valuation techniques which may be applicable depending upon the stage of business, sector and why the need for a valuation has arisen. Chris and Jessie talked through the pros and cons of some of these, giving worked examples along the way.

Credible, independent valuations are often vitally important – HMRC may not accept the director’s own valuation for an EMI share option award for instance. As part of the session Chris explained how Roffe Swayne can assist companies looking to set up EMI schemes, as well as the support offered for businesses looking to raise equity investment at various stages of their life cycle.

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Over the past year the Roffe Swayne team have worked on a wide variety of valuations across a number of industries. As with so many other things COVID-19 has impacted valuations – it doesn’t mean value has evaporated – but an independent opinion is even more important as markets have been disrupted by lockdown.

Chris commented: “as an experienced Chartered Accountant and Corporate Financier I always enjoy working with SetSquared clients – there is a huge range of really interesting businesses doing different and innovative things, which is a great challenge to have”.

Jessie said: “I was delighted to be able to use some anonymised real cases I’ve worked on to draw parallels for the participating companies”.

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