Grant audits

Our team have extensive experience of undertaking contract and grant audits on behalf of grant providers.

Grant audits are a highly specialist area within the audit profession and Roffe Swayne has the relevant skills and expertise to provide this verification.

As a result of businesses becoming more focused on innovation and differentiation, research and development activities are on the rise. Funding for these type of projects is often obtained via grants from government run organisations.

As part of the administration process businesses are required report to the donor on their expenditure. Depending on the level of funds received, the expenditure reported will require periodic verification by an independent accountant.

We have worked with all types of businesses, most notably large construction companies, and a provider of satellite programmes. The firm is ideally placed to help technology businesses located in the area. We have undertaken independent reports under the following donors:

  • Innovate UK (Formerly the Technology Strategy Board)
  • European Union Sixth Framework (FP6)
  • European Union Seventh Framework (FP7)
  • UK Space Agency

Need our help?

If you would like to discuss your business needs further please contact either Jonathan Vickery→ or Russell Chowney→ on 01483 416232.

Our corporate finance team also has extensive experience in advising oganisations on applying for grants and for putting systems in place to ensure compliance with the requirements of the various grant funders.