GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) are a single set of global industry standards which aim to harmonise investment performance reporting and calculation to create comparative and accurate data.

These standards apply to investment management firms who market their past performance to existing and prospective clients.

Compliance with GIPS provides investors’ with confidence in your presentations and demonstrates that your firm has strong internal processes and places a high importance on best practice.

Although verification is not legally required, it is recommended as best practice under the GIPS, independent third party verification provides additional confidence in compliance to existing and prospective clients.

Roffe Swayne can provide the following levels of service to suit your needs:

Compliance Consulting

Provide specific advice on what procedures and measures you require to ensure GIPS compliance.


An opinion on firm-wide GIPS compliance for a given time period.

Performance Examination

We also provide a further, more extensive performance audit on a specific group of portfolios (composite).

Need our help?

Our specialist team has significant technical knowledge and will provide a personalised service. To discuss how we can assist you further, please contact either Jonathan Vickery→, Russell Chowney→ or Tim Glover→ on 01483 416232.