At Roffe Swayne we take your data security very seriously. In order to keep data secure it will sometime be necessary to send you an encrypted email. We use Office365 protected emails for this service.

When you receive a protected message the body of the email will look similar to the below. You will need to click on ‘Read the message’.

You will now see the following screen or similar and have 2 options:

  1. Sign-in with an email account: In this case it is Google but depending on your email provider it could be Microsoft or another. Once signed in the email should be displayed.
  2. Sign-in with a one-time passcode: If you click this option please follow the below.

Roffe Swayne sent you a protected message (encrypted email)A code will be sent to your email address as per the message below. Once you receive the code, enter it in the ‘One-time passcode’ box and then click ‘Continue’. The email should now be displayed.

Passcode instructions for email encryptionYou will now see the email you have received from Roffe Swayne. In this view you are able to reply to the email and print using the options button.

You should only open emails that you are expecting from Roffe Swayne. If you are unsure please contact your IT support or the person at Roffe Swayne who sent you the email.