Coronavirus business advice

For the first time in living memory, we face a worldwide concurrent social, medical and economic crisis

Many businesses are having to adapt very quickly to a new trading conditions and employees are having to find their feet with different ways of collaborating with colleagues and clients.

As we look forward, we understand that there will be challenges that lie in wait and we are committed to working with all our contacts to ensure we help where we can.

Coronavirus: advice for businesses

We are offering a free hour of coronavirus business advice and/or mentoring to all our contacts who want to talk over their options.  We know that most of you have weathered storms in the past, but sometimes it is useful to have a sensible sense check on your thinking.

We are seeing very substantial investment by governments across the globe to stabilise the situation but, given the fast pace of events, it will no doubt take some time for these actions to become evident for many companies.

coronavirus impact on busienss FAQs

We are following the updates that HM Treasury and the Chancellor announces along with speaking with the debt and equity community to report to you practical ways to access or benefit from this support.

Please do follow our LinkedIn page for updates.

Given that this can only be a temporary situation, we see deals continuing.  Furthermore, it is an excellent time to prepare for a deal if that is a future consideration.  As always, we look forward to speaking.

For free Coronavirus business advice

For more information on funding options available and advice during the coronavirus crisis, please contact us:

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