Cloud based accounting – making accounting easier

A lot of what we do now on our home PCs is being saved on the cloud. The world of accounting and the accounts software has also changed and evolved.

cloud based accountingOver recent years more cloud based accounting solutions are coming onto the market.

I now have number of clients, who for them, cloud based accounting is just what they need. An example that springs to mind in particular is a company based in London. They needed us to visit their offices once a month to update their accounting records ready for their ‘virtual FD’ to prepare the management accounts. At the same time they wanted to still be able to access this data remotely. Due to a lack of desk space, sometimes our work had to be done here in our office. Their systems can be accessed anywhere, so this didn’t cause any problems or delays.

Selecting the best cloud based accounting system

We reviewed the various cloud based accounting solutions that were available at the time and decided to go with Xero. We’ve now been doing the bookkeeping on Xero for nearly 18 months. The flexibility offered with remote access has definitely ticked all the boxes. Knowing that it’s possible to keep the accounting records up to date without having to be at the clients has had real advantages. Access to their data is not restricted to the location of the computer.

The downside of not having live data

Multi-user remote access function means the records are always up to date and always accessible. There’s never an instance where no work can be done due to an accounts backup being sent off for review.

I recall another client had this situation on more than one occasion before we stepped in! They had forgotten that they didn’t have their ‘live’ data. They had merrily kept on raising invoices etc. only to have to do it all again once they got their back up returned!

The main advantage

Having the remote access is a great advantage of keeping up to date with the accounts information, whether you use Xero, Kashflow or Sage One.

Post by Lulu Emms