Moya Power

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Moya Power is a young company with big ambitions in the renewable energy space. Moya Power creates clean energy via a lightweight flexible sheeting material that captures low grade wind energy from everyday existing surfaces – such as the tunnel walls of London Underground and turns it into electricity which can be used in the grid.

The sheets can be mounted on these otherwise unused surfaces that are hidden from public view. They create vibrations and low speed turbulent winds – the kind of wind that is most abundant within our cities – which generates power 24/7. Unlike current wind turbines, Moya does not require strong or unobstructed winds in order to generate energy.

Roffe Swayne help Moya Power by running their financial compliance requirements; from VAT return filing, through to the creation and running of a PAYE scheme to pay staff and ultimately producing and filing their statutory accounts with Companies House.

Charlotte Slingsby, founder and developer of Moya Power, has been very successful in attracting sponsorship and seed capital from a range of major organisations including; James Dyson Foundation, Shell and Crossrail. We are helping Moya Power to become Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) accredited. This work allows them to raise finance from private investors more readily, so they can find financial support and fundraising in a shorter time period, with less hassle. This allows them to continue their work in renewable energy research.

We have also been able to provide advice around research and development (R&D) tax credits,ensuring they benefit from all cash reclaims following any qualifying R&D expenditure it pays out.

Moya Power is a great example of the kind of technology company bringing huge benefits to our future and we look forward to supporting the business further as it grows.

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