Case Study – strategic review and growth planning

How Roffe Swayne helped Just Kampers with their growth planning.


We started working with Just Kampers in late 2016. This business is largely made up of people who are passionate about Volkswagens. They sell parts for just about any VW that you care to mention, but mainly Campervans and Beetles.

Just Kampers has an excellent reputation for customer service, but the feeling was that it could be doing even better. The MD Mark Reynolds asked Roffe Swayne to undertake a strategic review. We worked with their management team to find out what could be improved and what options for growth there were.

How we helped

Our team worked on this throughout February, talking with the management team to find out what the business did really well, and where there was further room for improvement. We also looked at the markets in which the business currently operates, and the products it supplies, to identify new markets, products or niche areas where the business could expand.

We spent time with the management team, asking plenty of probing questions to really understand how the business operates. This identified lots of areas where small operational changes could yield some great benefits for the group. It also highlighted some new market opportunities that the business can pursue, by expanding the product range and the geographic spread of its target market.

The result

They now have a plan to improve how smoothly the business operates by sorting out key operational matters, which will help to make the business more profitable.

And finally, there is a plan to branch out and supply parts for another classic marque in the future. We will continue to be involved in planning the viability of this and possibly finding other businesses to acquire to make this a reality.

Want to know more?

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