In-depth client analysis

  • Sustainability of pension income

    Appointed as single joint expert in matrimonial proceedings to value the husband’s interest in a family owned haulage business. Also instructed to comment on the taxation implications of a sale or transfer of shares, the liquidity of the business and the status and sustainability of pension income receivable by the husband from the company.

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  • Current sustainable income of husband and impact if company was liquidated

    Appointed as single joint expert to opine on the turnover and net sustainable income of a company operating in the plastic surgery market in the context of a matrimonial dispute. We were also instructed to comment on the level of capital that should be retained by the company and therefore the capital available for
    extraction, as well as the net capital and income position of the husband if the company was liquidated.

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  • Where income was unsustainable

    Appointed by the wife’s solicitors to comment on the expected future income of the husband who operated a retailer of car parts. The wife was accustomed to the husband drawing high levels of cash from the business and expected future earnings to remain consistent. We identified that the husband’s drawings were unsustainable and that his future income would be significantly lower as a result.

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  • Sustainable income following loss of contract

    Appointed by the husband to assess the sustainable income that he could expect to draw from his business in the context of divorce proceedings. The company had recently lost its largest contract and replacement sources of income were yet to be identified.

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