In-depth client analysis

  • Tracing funds in divorce

    Tracing funds received into and paid out of 19 different bank and 9 credit card accounts over a two year period in order to understand the overall income generated and expenditure incurred by the wife involved in divorce proceedings. The work involved analysing 12 lever arch files of documentation and determining the financial outcome of investments made through a Swiss bank account for which statements had not been provided. We consolidated the data into two sides of A4 – one showing expenditure and one showing income. Our work was used by Counsel to produce a schedule of add backs to be addressed in the divorce proceedings.

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  • Bank statement analysis

    Appointed by the husband’s solicitors in divorce proceedings to undertake analysis of his bank statements to quantify and categorise expenditure incurred by the wife over a two year period and over multiple bank and credit card accounts. We used software to convert the bank statement data into electronic format, making the analysis task more efficient and accurate.

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