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  • Investigation in claim for misuse of company funds

    Appointed by a minority shareholder to investigate and quantify the alleged misuse of company funds by the director and majority shareholder of a café. Our work involved the review and comparison of Xero accounting and EPOS records with a view to the quantification of potential undeclared cash sales.

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  • Trust accounts dispute

    Appointed by the beneficiary of a family trust which owned a country estate to undertake a review of the estate accounts over a 20 year period and advise on how the estate’s income, costs and capital had been apportioned between the beneficiaries. Areas of particular focus included consideration of whether income from events held on the estate had been properly recognised in the accounts and whether personal expenditure had been accounted for as estate expenditure rather than allocated wholly to the appropriate beneficiary’s current account.

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  • Employee fraud

    Data analysis in relation to an alleged employee fraud at an owner managed restaurant business to determine whether explanations provided in the employee’s defence were consistent with the underlying business records. It was alleged that the employee misappropriated funds over a 2.5 year period by processing regular illegitimate cash refunds. We were engaged by the Metropolitan Police to determine whether the business records could be used by the Crown Prosecution Service to prove that the cash refunds were fraudulent rather than used to correct genuine errors made by members of staff managed by the defendant.

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  • Unpaid remuneration

    Appointed by the claimant as expert in a claim in the High Court brought against a high profile defendant. Instructed to quantify the value of allegedly unpaid remuneration and unreimbursed expenses under the terms of two unwritten contracts for services provided. The investigation uncovered a complex web of
    financial relationships resulting in the analysis of some 22,000 transactions arising in more than 20 bank accounts held by the claimant and the defendant over a period of 17 years.

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