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  • Expert determination of earn out dispute

    Appointed as independent expert to settle a dispute surrounding the earn out on the sale and purchase of a company involved in the supply of components to the automotive and industrial markets. We were required to interpret the SPA and apply the relevant accounting principles, a task that was made more difficult by the fact that the purchaser had amalgamated the recording of financial information of the target company with its existing business.

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  • Expert determination of completion accounts dispute relating to deferral of costs

    Appointed as expert to determine the completion accounts in the sale and purchase of a company which put on an annual exhibition for the medical industry. The sale and purchase took place days before the exhibition and we were instructed to conclude on the extent to which various costs should be deferred under the terms of the SPA.

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  • Advisor to party in a completion accounts dispute

    We acted as the expert advisor to a group of shareholders who had sold their nursing home company for c£80 million. The purchaser disputed the completion
    accounts, proposing a number of adjustments which would have resulted in a £6 million reduction in net assets. We led the expert determination process for our
    clients, liaising with the clients, their former accountant, auditors and legal advisors and gathering relevant information to enable us to draft the initial submission, a response to the purchaser’s initial submission and responses to the expert’s questions. The expert made a favourable determination for our client, who won over 94% of the amount in dispute.

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