Benefits of having a Nominated Registered Office

There is a legal requirement for every company registered at Companies House to have a registered office address

A Registered Office is the official address of the company. It is used for formal communications from government bodies such as Companies House or HMRC.

The address must be a real physical address, in other words not a PO Box number. It is publicly available and must be displayed on a company’s business stationery and website.

However, it does not have to be the address where the company conducts business, so many company directors choose to use a different address, for example their formation agent’s or accountant’s, rather than their actual business address.

We can help

Roffe Swayne offers a nominated registered office service. This means that our address can be used as the official address for your company. It also means that, as your accountants, we are able to deal with your filing requirements or any statutory notices in a timely manner, ensuring that no deadlines are missed. Our service includes forwarding of mail to your preferred address [free of charge].

nominated registered office post box
The benefits of a Nominated Registered Office:
  1. As the registered office address is on public record, using an external address protects the identity of company directors, since this address can also be used as their correspondence address, keeping home addresses private.
  2. For smaller companies operating from home, it provides a reputable, professional address to display on business communications.
  3. It prevents unwanted visitors turning up at a private address.  This is particularly important for companies undertaking sensitive work or controversial activities.
  4. For a company to be registered in the UK it must have a UK address, so for directors who are resident abroad but seeking to form a UK company it provides a simple solution.
  5. Similarly for directors who are often away, having a nominated registered address means that mail will be dealt with promptly and often forwarded on to a more convenient address.  Mail can even be scanned and emailed so it is received immediately.
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