Audit and Assurance

While much of a statutory audit is compliance based, we believe that an audit should challenge the business’ systems and results.

It should provide you with an honest business assessment for both management and shareholders.

Through our audit and assurance work we are ideally placed to make practical recommendations to improve the performance of your financial systems. As well as help to reduce your business risk. We work closely with our other specialist teams to ensure any issues are analysed from both a tax planning and transactional perspective.

If your business has an international presence we have access to an international network of resources through the UK200 Group of which we are a member. Statutory audit regulations continue to exempt many SME’s from the requirement for an audit and the exemption thresholds are likely to increase further.

There are many sound business reasons to have an audit even if not required by statute. Where an audit is not required or considered necessary by shareholders we are strong advocates of ICAEW Assurance review engagements.

While giving a different level of assurance to an audit, we will still review the key areas of the accounts and provide a level of assurance to management, shareholders and third parties over the integrity of the results.

Need our help?

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