Are you paying twice for your auto enrolment calculations?

Who provides your auto enrolment calculations?

We are finding some of our clients are paying their pension providers to perform the pension calculations for their employees each month. Their provider then notifies them of any employee who should be enrolled into the workplace pension.

Save time and effort

This process involves you informing the pension provider each time you have a new employee, salary change and leaver. By removing this duplication, it will save you time. After all, your payroll provider needs this information anyway.

The importance of software

We use a payroll software which is capable of assessing the eligibility of your workforce.

Our payroll software is also fully compliant for auto enrolment. Consequently, this enables us to can manage your opt outs, opt in’s and postponements on your behalf.

As a result, we can identify your eligible and entitled employees, and automatically enrol any eligible jobholders. That way you can then be sure that both the correct employees and employer contributions are deducted.

paying twice auto enrolment
Need our help?

Once we have processed your payroll, we provide a report containing the information pension advisors require. If you prefer, we can upload this information directly to your pension providers.

Consequently, we’ve found that by using the payroll software for the automatic enrolment process, it helps to streamline the flow of information between payroll, employers, employees and pension providers.

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