Acquisition of Envelopemaster

Our corporate finance team negotiated a major acquisition for Kettering packaging manufacturer VP Packaging.

VP Packaging, a Kettering based packaging manufacturer specialises in bubble bag products. They have successfully acquired their competitor Envelopemaster, located in Rotherham.

VP’s branded bubble bags have proven strong in the UK market and VP Packaging has grown significantly during the 5 years since being established. The addition of Envelopemaster’s strength in the bubble film market provides a strong synergy between the two companies.

As a result of this acquisition, Ib Schjotz-Pedersen, Director of VP Packaging commented; “The strong synergy between the two companies makes this acquisition a very good proposition for our customers”.

“This will ensure the future growth for the company and also secure a significant number of jobs both in Kettering and in Rotherham.”

envelopemaster acquisition

Simon Schulte-Rentrop, Head of Flexible Packaging Division at VP Group, based in Southern Germany, states;

“The Roffe Swayne corporate finance team assisted us throughout a long process. Firstly from initial approaches to Envelopemaster on our behalf, and then negotiating the deal. Finally by  undertaking financial and tax due diligence and also assistance throughout the completion process. The access and responsiveness of the team throughout the process was great appreciated.”

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